Internship Confessional: Our summer intern Maya Brown shares her experience at Metro PR:

Being from Philadelphia, you can only imagine my anxiety while preparing to spend the summer living and interning on the other side of the country. I felt like no matter how much research I conducted or how many suitcases I packed, I could never be ready enough for what a summer in Los Angeles had in store for me!

On the contrary, I adapted to Los Angeles life slowly, but surely and fell in love with the constant 75-degrees and sunny weather. Out of all the interesting places I got to visit during my stay, Venice Beach was by far the craziest – and most exciting!

My experience at Metro Public Relations was rewarding in so many ways. Never did I imagine that in one summer I would meet one of the greatest professional basketball players of all time, party at the beach with celebrities, and learn so many useful tricks of the PR trade.- Maya Brown, Summer 2013 Intern